An Interview with Setia Adhi Kurniawan

Mutant Wolf Pack
4 min readMar 4, 2022

1. Hi Adhi, could you briefly tell us about yourself?

Hello, I’m Setia Adhi Kurniawan– you can call me “Wolf” in here. I was born and raised in Bandung City in Indonesia. Bandung City also have a nickname as “Paris van Java”. The nickname given by the Dutch in the early 1900s for Bandung’s resemblance to Paris. I’m proudfully declare that I’m a illustrator from Bandung, Indonesia.

2. Why do you choose to work as an Illustrator?

In 2007, I’m hopping from one creative agencies to another, then one animation studio to another, until 2012– I decided to quit my job continue pursuing formal higher-education since I’m having doubts with the industry. After 1–2 years of finding my real passion, I finally found the reason to become illustrator again.

3. Interesting! Would you tell us your life story since early stages?

Since childhood, I live through hardship and experience a lot of limitations. My parents were divorced when I’m still a toddler. I can say that I’m quite good with my elementary school achievements for fine arts, I’ve won a lot of drawing competitions and such. By the time I’m entering high school, my family has a financial problem that disallow me to pursue higher education. I was young and confused, so I choose to spend my youth living on street. From the street, I learn a lot about how society works that inspired me through my artwork

4. How about the difficulties on your journey to become illustrator?

It started when I saw a lot distros (indie clothing store) that has illustrations on their t-shirts– which are in my opinion “lacking” in everything. I thought that I can make a better illustrations than that. I’ve began to draw and offered stores my illustrations, but shockingly (and of course unfortunately) they’ve refused my design, some of them said “my granny could do better than this!”. After that moment, I realized that doing work of art is not instant– it requires blood and sweat. Furthermore, I decide to partly doing entrepreneurship such as selling clothes in the street. That was the period before my professional career, the time when I draw things and found my identity which is the “WOLF”.

5. Alright, now we are getting close! We are curious why you are so obsessed with WOLF?

The main reason I chose “WOLF” as the core of my artwork simply because of the behaviour of this canines. Wolf is a social animal with their own pack, they aren’t working alone when hunting big target– they are strategist in terms of achieving their goal. That is why they are so intelligent in terms of communicating with each other through howling, and beside that– they are also devoted to their family. Wolf is complex, yet fascinating.

6. Okay! Now to next short question, What is your favourite thing to do in your free time (besides drawing)?

Drawing. Period. LOL JK, I also love movies and music, so in my spare time I do watch movies and listen to music.

7. One thing you cannot live without?

Having an attitude of “Action speak louder than words”.

8. Who is your favourite artist that are not from NFT world?

Michael Shantz from Canada — (

9. Who is your favourite artist from NFT world?

BAYC Team! The three person who are not Doxxed yet!

10. Last question! What made you pursue NFT art?

This is a new promising platform especially for visual illustrator like me. It has potential to do limitless things in this upcoming technology. I’m quite open mind to try new things and hope that my fellow artist could adapt and being innovative yet passionate.



Mutant Wolf Pack

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